Who Needs a Truck? I Have a Leaf!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Today, I took the day off from work to assemble more materials from the local hardware stores and buy some groceries so I have some food for my work parties this weekend.

Here’s what I accomplished today:

  • Called Tumbleweed to figure out how to attach the 4×6 beams to the 5 ¼” x 5 ¼” Parallam beams in the front wall.  I thought this might be what the 6” log screws in the materials list were for.  However, Ross at Tumbleweed said to just toenail the beams into each other since the ½ inch all threaded rod would hold everything together. The 6″ screws are to hold the corners of the ceiling to the walls.
  • Went to Lowe’s to pick up the 4×6 beam, some 2×6 redwood to go around the front porch and some ¼” and ½” plywood to use as spacers around the Parallam beams and sandwiched between 2×4 beams to form 3 ½”  headers in the ceiling.
  • Went to Pine Cone Lumber to pick up two 25’ CS-14 straps that are supposed to run down the center strip of the right, left and back walls.
  • Checked that my wall was square. I was delighted when I lined it up with the edge of my floor and it turned out to be perfectly square the first time: not even 1/32 inch of error.
  • Cut up one of my 25′ CS-14 straps and installed a 16’ 10” section on my right wall, leaving 5 inches hanging off each side to wrap around to the next wall and also leaving an 8’ 2” section for the rear wall.
  • Leveled my trailer, leveled a 2’ x 8’ piece of plywood next to the trailer and traced out a template for the right wheel well

The coolest thing I did today was fit all of my plywood and lumber in my car.  I have discovered that if I put the rear seats down and the front seat all the way back, I can even fit boards up to 10′ long and plywood up to 2’x8′ in my vehicle.

Who Needs a Truck? I've Got a Leaf!

Who Needs a Truck? I’ve Got a Leaf!

Today’s Tiny Epiphanies:

  • Whenever you can, support your local lumberyard instead of the big box stores.  You get better service and it takes less time.  My time is valuable, so the time savings of going somewhere the people know what they’re doing vastly outweighs any money I might save by buying the same product slightly cheaper somewhere else.

As an example, I have discovered that Lowe’s is incapable of fulfilling an online order.  I have now made at least 4-5 orders online at Lowe’s and they have messed up every single one.  One of two things always happens.  Either they don’t call me when the order is ready so I never know when to pick it up or they call me to tell me the order is ready, but I get there and it is not actually ready.  The latter is what happened today.  I put in the order this morning and got a phone call within 5 minutes telling me the order was ready.  I showed up at the desk 2 hours later and the guy was like, “Oh, nobody has filled this order yet.  Let me go collect everything.” How hard is it to look and see if you have an order together before you call the customer?  Every time I leave Lowe’s, I’m disappointed.

In contrast, Pine Cone Lumber, my local lumberyard in Sunnyvale, is awesome.  Every time I go there I am happy.  I can’t spend more than 20 seconds in the store before somebody offers to help me, which is great because I always need help.  When I ask for something, they don’t just point me to the aisle and let me wander around. They walk with me to the aisle to show me the item.  Then, they explain to me how the product works and take me around the store to help me collect all the proper fasteners and anything else I need.  It took me nearly 30 minutes to pick up items at Lowe’s that I had already ordered this morning.  It took me about 5 minutes to get everything I needed at Pine Cone Lumber and they didn’t even know I was coming.

CS-14 Strapping for My Wall

CS-14 Strapping for My Wall

Favorite moment today:

  • Attaching my CS-14 strapping to the wall and actually getting to hammer some nails.  Every time I get to swing my hammer, I’m happy.
Creating a Wheel Well Template

Creating a Wheel Well Template

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