Odds & Ends

Here’s a list of things I have accomplished working on my own over the past two weeks.

Saturday, February 1

  • I spent a considerable amount of time trying to figure out exactly where the right wheel well cut out should go on the right wall.  I really didn’t want the cut out to be in the wrong place.  I took lots of measurements and eventually had to create a diagram to figure out exactly how the wall would line up with the floor.
Right Wheel Well Diagram

Right Wheel Well Diagram

Sunday, February 2

  • Once I was convinced that I finally had the right wheel well template in the correct place, I traced the line for the right wheel well cut out on the right wall.
  • Before squaring the left wall, I decided to measure the total length of the top and bottom plate and discovered that the top plate was over ¼ inch longer than the bottom plate and longer than it should be.  Eventually, I figured out that the reason this happened was because the jig that I set up on the floor to build the right and left walls was not square.  That means that the right wall is also a little bit off (but for some reason not quite as bad as the left wall).  There’s nothing I could do about the right wall.  However, I decided to disassemble the left wall and trim down the bottom and middle plates by ¼ inch. I was once again very glad I used screws to assemble the left wall because it made taking it apart and putting it back together extremely easy.
  • While I had the left wall a part, I screwed one of the Simpson HDU-4 Tie Down to the studs next to the wheel well.  I realized that the two studs that surround that tie down are just barely wider than the tie down itself, which would have made it extremely difficult to install later.
HDU-4 Tie-Down Installed in Left Wall

HDU-4 Tie-Down Installed in Left Wall

  • Made careful measurements of the location of the wheel well, holes for the Simpson tie downs, lengths of the top and bottom plates and locations of the windows so I could easily figure out where to nail and where to place the template for the left wheel well (these were the same measurements I wish I had made before I put the plywood on the right wall).
  • In preparation for adding plywood, I tacked down the bottom plate of the left wall with two nails, shifted the top plate until the wall was square and then tacked down the top plate.

February 7-9, 2014

  • No work done on the tiny house this weekend. I was away on a retreat with my church.

February 12, 2014

  • I spent a couple of hours cutting up all the wood needed to frame the rear wall.

February 13, 2014

Today was a fix it day.  I spent about 3 hours taking care of little things that needed to be done that have been on my mind for quite awhile.  Here’s what I did:

  • I finally fixed the problem of the entire floor frame bowing outwards by cutting a 1/8 inch slice off the entire 8 foot board on the right side of the house behind the wheel well.  A kind of did this with brute force.  First, I cut a slot in the board by running my circular saw all the way down the length of the board.  Then, I cut the rest off with my reciprocating saw.  It took a while and it was a little messy, but it got the job done.
1/8" Shaved Off Floor Frame

1/8″ Shaved Off Floor Frame

  • I cut and added the final pieces of pressure treated lumber to the outside of the floor frame in front of the wheel wells.  On the right side, I again had to take a 1/8 inch slice off the wood, which I did before I installed it by clamping the board in place, running my circular saw all the way down the length of the board on the top side, flipping the board and over and in doing the same thing on the other side.  That was much easier then the circular saw /reciprocating saw combination.
  • I finished drilling out the holes in the floor for the 5/8 inch rod (I had started the holes, but had not drilled all the way through because my drill bit was not long enough to reach all the way through the floor while the bottom plate of the wall was sitting on top of it).
  • I added some plywood to the floor frame where the deck will be so there’s no place to stand (and no holes for people to fall into).

It felt great to fix all of those little things.  I have known all of that stuff needed to be done for a while and getting it done was like lifting a small burden off my mind.  Also, it just made me feel productive.  Every time I get to actually put my power tools, drive a screw or just hammer a nail, it makes me feel rediculously good.

This week’s tiny epiphanies:

  • If you are setting up a jig to build a wall on a floor, measure the jig to make sure it is square.  Don’t just line the jig up with the floor and assume it (or the floor) is square.
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