Front & Rear Walls

Friday, February 14, 2014

Russ & Maura Framing Rear Wall

Russ & Maura Framing Rear Wall

We had a really productive day today. In fact, we accomplished so much today that I’m not quite sure what we are going to do tomorrow. But that’s a good thing, right?

Here’s who helped today:

  • Leo (construction)
  • Clyde (construction)
  • Maura (construction)

Here’s what we accomplished today:

We split up into two teams. Maura and I assembled wall frames while Clyde and Leo spent added plywood to the frames.

  • Team 1 (Maura and Russ):
    • Assembled the rear wall. This went really quickly. I already had all the pieces cut up and I’m getting pretty good of framing, so it was really just a matter of putting all the pieces where they were supposed to go and screwing them all together. I really love using screws instead of nails. It’s fast, accurate and best of all, extremely easy to undo.
Maura Framing Rear Wall

Maura Framing Rear Wall

    • Added the CS-14 strapping to the rear wall.
    • Cut up all the pieces for the front wall, including notching out two of the Parallam beams to make a seat for the 4 x 6 beam that goes over the front door. The front wall is the wall with the really big pieces of wood. The front wall is made entirely of 2 x 6, 4 x 6 and 6 x 6 beams.
Cutting Notches in Parallam Boards

Cutting Notches in Parallam Boards

    • Laid out the pieces for the front wall on the trailer and started to screw it all together
  • Everyone:
    • Lifted the rear wall up on end, aligned it with the rear edge of the floor and drilled holes for the HDU-4 tie down
Rear Wall Framed!

Rear Wall Framed!

    • Carried the rear wall off of the trailer and put it in the garage on top of the right and left walls. I now have a stack of three walls in my garage.
  • Team 2 (Clyde and Leo):
    • Added plywood to the left wall. This task was basically identical to adding plywood to the right wall, only in mirror image.
    • Squared the rear wall by screwing one side of the wall to the frame below, racking the other side until the diagonal measurements were equal and then screwing in the other side to keep it in place.
Leo Laying Out Plywood for Left Wall

Leo Laying Out Plywood for Left Wall

    • Added two full sheets of plywood to the rear wall. Since the rear wall is only 88 inches wide and the plywood is 96 inches wide, there’s about 8 inches of plywood that needs to be cut off the edge. There’s an extra 6 inches of plywood on top that will eventually be used to attach the rear wall to the rear gable.
Clyde Adding Plywood to Rear Wall

Clyde Adding Plywood to Rear Wall

Today’s Tiny Epiphanies:

  • Parallam beams are really expensive. My front wall requires four of these beams and each one costs about $80.00. I think Maura and I checked those measurements at least four times before actually making a cut. I really did not want to have to buy another one of those beams.
Russ Framing Front Wall

Russ Framing Front Wall

Problems we ran into:

  • Discovering that my 12 inch compound miter saw can cut through a 4 x 6, but not my $80 6 x 6 Parallam beams (which are actually 5 ¼ x 5 ¼). In order to cut a 6 x 6, we needed to cut as far down as we could, rotate the beam 90°, cut as far down as we could, rotate the beam 90° and finish the cut. We also tried cutting one side, rotating 180° and cutting the other side, but the two cuts didn’t exactly line up. If we rotated 90° at a time, we could exactly line up the saw blade with the slot from the previous cut.
  • Finding out at the end of the day that one of the screws we had used to hold the rear wall frame in square had not been taken out before the plywood was installed. With the plywood on top, there was no way to get to the screw with a screwdriver. In order to get it out, we had to lift the entire wall from the opposite end until the screw basically ripped out of the plywood below it. Then, we had to back the screw out of the wood with a pair of pliers ¼ turn at a time. It wasn’t a lot of fun, but we got the job done!

Lunch menu:

  • Lasagna, salad, and cut up fruit. Raspberry Milano’s for dessert.

Favorite moment today:

  • Seeing all of my friends. I still can’t believe that everybody is willing to come over here every week to help me with this project. It’s amazing and I feel very grateful.
Stack O' Walls

Stack O’ Walls

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