Progress Report

I wanted to provide an update on where I am with the tiny house. It might seem like nothing is happening, but I have actually been spending quite a bit of time on this in the past couple of weeks. Unfortunately, the kind of stuff I’m doing right now is not easy to do with others. Basically, I’m in the accumulation phase. I’m accumulating knowledge and I’m accumulating stuff. I’m trying to purchase everything else I need for the house and I’m desperately trying to figure out how it will all go together. I finally ordered all the windows two weeks ago (boy was that expensive). I purchased most of the electrical equipment last week and I’m just starting to figure out all the plumbing stuff.

I will readily admit that the accumulation phase is not my favorite part of this process. I know learning and buying things is technically doing something, but I would much rather be actually “doing” something, if you know what I mean. It seems to take so long to teach myself what I need to know and even once I do, it still takes me a long time to find and purchase what I need, especially when everything is some kind of odd dimension and I don’t know what half the stuff is. When I look at my materials list and see things like “2×1/2 Red” “valve hubs” and “30# tanks,” it makes me either want to take a nap, go for a bike ride or just give up and set fire to my whole tiny house. But, I am slowly figuring it all out and as I do so, my shopping baskets at Home Depot and Amazon are filling up.

Anyway, this is a long way of saying that it may be a few weeks before I have my next work day. Most likely, the next workday will probably happen sometime after Sheila and I get back from my Sierra to the Sea bike tour which happens June 14-21.

I continue to be amazed by how difficult it is and how long it takes to build something so small. I have now fully accepted the fact that what you need to know to build a tiny house is not just equal to, but actually much greater than what you need to know to build a giant house. That’s because most giant houses don’t have solar panels, converters, inverters, propane on demand water heaters, water tanks, water pumps and all that other RV stuff that seems to be essential for tiny house living.

I will let everyone know as soon as I’m ready to get started actually doing something again. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to getting to that point. In the meantime, I hope you all have been enjoying your tiny house free Fridays and that you will be interested in joining me when I’m ready to start hammering a few more nails, connecting some PEX tubing or laying electrical wire. I have to say again how much I have enjoyed having you all help me on the tiny house, not just because it’s nice (and sometimes essential) to have extra pairs of hands, but because I’ve really enjoyed spending time with each of you and getting to know you all better. I really miss that.

Thanks for your patience, support and encouragement, as always.

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