Materials In, Dollars Out

I am continuing to assemble all of the pieces and parts I need to complete the interior and exterior of my tiny house and as I do so, the expenses are really adding up.  When I started this project, I expected the total cost to be somewhere in the $16-20 K range.  I now suspect that the final cost might be over $20 K.

I totaled up all of my expenses so far the other week and it came to about $13.5 K, which does not include the remaining 50% of the window costs ($2350) that I need to pay when those are delivered.  In addition to all of those expenses, I also ordered the following things today:

$342 at Dyers RV (

  • Lyons 32″ x 24″ Shower Pan: $130
  • Barker 26 Gallon Fresh Water Tank: $125
  • Valterra Telescoping Water Fill: $6
  • SHURflo White Pressure Regulated Water Fill: $34

$1149 at Home Depot online:

  • 21 x 26-7/8 in Deck-Mount Skylight with flashing and hardware: ~$680
  • Various light fixtures: $275
  • 25x22x7 4-Hole Single Bowl Kitchen Sink: $104

$180 at

  • Various 12 V screw in LED light bulbs: $32
  • Atwood (56494) DV 20S Stainless Steel Drop-In 2-Burner: $117
  • Circuit breakers & fuses: $37

$609 from Vintage Woodworks (

  • 4 x 4” Cedar Turned Porch Posts (36” base, 40” turning, 20” top).

That all adds up to another $2280 in purchases which brings my total, including the full window cost, to ~18K.  It may seem like a lot.  However, I’m actually kind of excited to finally get this stuff ordered.  It’s all going to get delivered right to my house.  By the time it arrives, I think I will have almost everything I need for the house except the red Maxrib standing seem metal roofing specified in the plans which I’m having real trouble finding.

Anyway, that’s my update for today.  I know it’s not that exciting.  However, I thought people might like to know that I’m still making progress and I thought people might be curious how much it costs to build a tiny house.  When I’m done with the whole project, I will make a final post with my total cost for everything, broken down by category.

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2 Responses to Materials In, Dollars Out

  1. cinemanaic says:

    Hi Russ, so as of today I see you have a completely closed in house. Congrats. I see tumbleweed started offering shell houses called bar raisers. A 20′ elm on a trailer with window rough openings and roof is 17,200. Your costs here obviously include lining and finish items. Any chance you could estimate the cost just up to the shell. I.e. rough openings and roofing on the trailer.

    • I just did a quick check and it looks like I spent ~$3100 on the framing materials.
      I spent another $3425 on the trailer which I had custom made.
      That means I saved ~$10,700 over the tumbleweed price.
      However, you also have to account for the time. It took ~500 hours to build the shell, which works out to ~$20/hour.

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