Two Sides Done!

Right Side Done!

Right Side Done!

Saturday to Monday, November 1-3, 2014

Who helped this weekend:

  • Sheila
  • Andrew

What we did this weekend:

  • Cut, stained and installed more siding
  • Installed a porch deck

On Saturday, I continued to cut up siding boards for the left side of the house while Sheila stained all the rest of the siding that she and I had already been cut up for the right side of the house and the front gable a couple of weeks ago.

Sheila Doing More Staining

Sheila Doing More Staining

Saturday's Final Pile of Stained Siding

The Pile of Stained Siding Sheila Created

On Saturday, I also finally installed the front porch deck. That only took me a couple of hours and I think it looks really good. In fact, every time I see it now, it makes me smile. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy having something as simple as the porch installed, but I really do.

Relaxing on My New Porch

Relaxing on My New Porch

After we got home from church on Sunday, I spent a little bit more time on the house even though I was still feeling a little bit tired from all the work we did on Saturday. I probably should not have worked yesterday. However, on Friday, I had asked our next-door neighbor, Hang, if her boys might be interested in helping us to stain some of the rest of the siding boards. The boys seemed excited about that. They came by to help on Saturday afternoon just as we were cleaning up and I was already wiped out, so I told them to come back again yesterday, which they did. I didn’t feel like sending them away again so I spent an hour with them, showing them how to stain a few pieces of wood. I didn’t quite have the energy for it, but it still worked out well. They did a great job and they seemed to actually enjoy the work. It probably didn’t hurt that I let them play inside the tiny house after they finished. I’m always amazed how much satisfaction and enjoyment people of all ages seem to get out of coming over and helping me build this tiny house.

My Neighbor Winston in the Tiny House

My Neighbor, Winston, in the Tiny House (standing above the front door)

On Monday, I had one of the best days of tiny house work I have had in a long time. Andrew came over and together, we got a lot done. Of course, we were kind of set up for success. Yesterday was the day we finally got to install all of the siding I have been carefully cutting and Sheila has been staining for the past couple of weeks. I’m still amazed at how quickly the siding can be installed relative to how long it takes to get it ready. I think it only took Andrew and I about 2 1/2 hours to install siding that I figure took 15 or more hours to cut and stain. In that amount of time, Andrew and I were able to put siding on the last two thirds of the right side of the house and I was able to put all the siding on front gable. I have to say that few things are more satisfying then installing siding. It goes so quickly and changes the character of the house dramatically. I can’t believe how nice the right side of the house looks now that it is completely covered with siding. I’m also really happy with the way the front gable turned out. Everything looks just right.

Andrew Installing Siding

Andrew Installing Siding

After we finished installing the siding, Andrew and I spent the rest of the day cutting out most of the siding for the left-hand side of the house. I still have one piece left to cut. It’s the last piece on the top that requires all of the notching to go around the rafters. I knew I wasn’t up to trying to cut that one out yesterday so I didn’t even try. That will be a project for our next workday when I’m feeling fresh. Things are really coming along. I think with some good helpers, we can finish up all of the siding in only one or two more work days. I can’t wait.

Problems we ran into:

One problem I encountered with the porch was that some of the porch boards were a little bit warped. However, I was able to remedy this by inserting a quarter inch thick furring strip between the porch boards to maintain spacing and then use a clamp to pull and hold the siding straight while I screwed it down.

Trex Porch Board Before Being Straightened

Trex Porch Board Before Being Straightened

Spacing, Straightening and Screwing Down the Porch Boards

Spacing, Straightening and Screwing Down the Porch Boards

The only other problem was that I ended the day on Saturday feeling a little bit wiped out. Cutting the boards that go around the top and the bottom of the windows is always draining and upsetting for me. Those boards require a large number of complicated and precise cuts and I can never seem to get all of them right. After hours of carefully planning, measuring and cutting some of my longest and nicest boards, I always end up making a mistake somewhere anyway and the mistake always upsets me. Saturday was no exception. The cuts on the board that goes below the windows on the left side of the house ended up being much sloppier than I had intended and some were just completely wrong. I was pretty disappointed with the final result which made it hard for me to enjoy the progress we did make that day. However, I later had a conversation with God about this that really helped me (see this weekend’s tiny epiphanies below).

This weekend’s tiny epiphanies:

  • You can click here to read the conversation with God that I had about this subject. However, what I basically learned (again) from that conversation is that mistakes are OK (it’s hard for us perfectionists to get that through our heads). It’s OK when I make them and it’s OK when other people make them. Not only are they OK, but accepting and embracing them sometimes leads to something even better than what would have been created if a mistake had never been made.

Favorite parts of the day:

There’s no question about this one. By far my favorite part of the day and perhaps my favorite part of this whole month was standing back and admiring the right side of the house after we finished installing all the siding today. Awesome!

Siding on the Front Gable

Siding on the Front Gable

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