Three Sides Done!

Third Wall Almost Done

Third Wall Almost Done

Saturday and Sunday, November 15-16, 2014

Who helped:

  • Sheila
  • Hang
  • Ian

What we did:

We finished the siding! Well, we almost finished it. I still have a few more short boards to cut out underneath the front windows, but those are easy, will not take much time and can’t really be done until later when I have built, installed and framed the front door.

I had a particularly good day on Saturday. I’m happy to report that despite my fears, I did not mess up the 16 feet of boards that I needed to notch out around all the rafters yesterday. In fact, I’m extremely happy with the way it turned out. I think those boards fit even better and look even nicer than the boards I cut out for the right-hand side.

While I was cutting out the last couple of pieces of siding on Saturday, Sheila went to work staining the rest of the siding for the left side of the house. In the middle of that process, our neighbor, Hang, and her son, Ian, saw us working and generously volunteered to help. We were amazed with how much faster the staining went with three pairs of hands instead of one. 16 foot boards that we’re taking Sheila 30 minutes each to stain took less than 10 minutes with all three people working together. In fact, the three of them were staining so fast that they actually caught up to me! At about 1:00 pm, the stain masters had to take a break while I finished cutting the last piece that goes around the rafters. By 2:00, everything was cut and stained.

Once all the siding was complete, I spent the rest of Saturday afternoon cutting fascia and rake boards that go along the roofline. I have to admit I was a little bit nervous cutting my 17 foot 1 x 6 cedar boards down to size to fit along my rafters, but I think I did it right. We will find out for sure when I finally install those boards.

Sunday was a little tougher than Saturday only because we ran into a number of problems I was not expecting. Being this far into the siding project, I kind of expected a smooth run to the finish, but that wasn’t meant to be. I have listed the problems we ran into below for those who are interested, but suffice it to say that we worked through all of them and by the time we finally quit at 4:45 PM, we had all the siding on the left hand side installed!

Sheila Installing Siding

Sheila Installing Siding

Today’s tiny epiphanies:

  • It’s wonderful to have help. Thank you, Sheila, Hang and Ian for all of your help with the staining!
Sheila, Hang & Ian Staining the Final Boards

Sheila, Hang & Ian Staining the Final Boards

Problems we ran into:

  • Somehow, the furring strips we put on the left side of the house got tacked up about 1 1/2 inches to the left of where they should have been (I think marked the locations of the studs incorrectly). Since these strips were our guides for screwing in the siding, Sheila and I ended up missing the studs with most of our screws. That meant we had to back out about 25 screws and put them back in again at an angle to make sure that they hit the stud.
  • Next, we ran out of 3 inch screws. I knew this was going to happen and I thought I had ordered more. Unfortunately, I discovered when I opened the container that I somehow ordered 4 inch screws instead of 3 inch screws. In the end, we decided to simply use the 4 inch screws anyway. They were not ideal, but I had ordered them on lone and it seemed easier than returning them.
  • For some reason, I just kept running into problems getting the siding properly aligned and overlapped. Getting it right required more backing screws out and putting them back in again (something I am now quite good at), but at least it all came out right in the end.

Favorite parts of the weekend:

  • Cutting the final piece of siding and getting all the rafter notches just right.
  • Having Sabine come over to visit and tell us how great the house looked.
  • Taking a break and sitting on the tiny porch I built a few weeks ago. I still get way more enjoyment out of sitting on my porch that I should or thought I would (maybe because after all my work, it’s still one of the only things in the tiny house I can actually use!).
Relaxing on My New Porch

Still Enjoying My Porch

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