Interior Siding Almost Done

Getting Closer!

Getting Closer!

I am getting dangerously close to finishing the interior siding on my tiny house. I made a big push over the past couple of weeks to get as much of it done as possible. We had a dinner party at our not so tiny house last Friday and I really wanted to show off my tiny house in the best condition I could get in to. Working from 5 am to 4 pm last Friday, I managed to finish pretty much every part of the inside walls that will be visible. I also took some time to sweep and straighten up inside the tiny house, which really made it look nice.

Kitchen Mockup

Kitchen Mockup

I have also installed a little bit more of the plumbing. You can see a mockup of the bathroom shower in the picture below. I will make a separate post about plumbing.

Bathroom Mockup

Bathroom Mockup

Installing the interior siding has gotten rather repetitive, so I don’t really have anything new to report here. However, I did finally find a good way to deal with warped siding. If the siding does not sit flush with the next piece, I found that if you temporarily screw a small block to one of the studs below the piece, you can then use a small pry bar to lift it up against the next piece before you nail it in place.

Gap Between Pieces of Siding

Gap Between Pieces of Siding with Block of Wood Below

Gap Fixed!

Gap Fixed with Wood Block and Pry Bar

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