Well, Water & and a Refinished Tiny House

IMG_1161 (Large)

Refinished House

May 29, 2017

We just got back from an incredibly productive three day Memorial Day weekend at the property where we finally accomplished two major tasks.  First, we finally got our well all hooked up so we can not only store water in our new water tank, but can also get it back out again we want too.  Next, we use that water to strip and refinish the whole exterior of the tiny house and then re-stained of all of the exterior cedar as well.  I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to have both of these things done.

For those who haven’t been following the story, we came back from three months in Asia this winter to find the tiny house entirely covered with black, splotchy mold.  It turns out this mold was a result of the Penofin stain that we decided to use on the exterior of the house.  The Penofin stain looked beautiful when it went on.  However, we have since found out that 90% of the people who use Penofin stain end up with black mold growing on their deck or house within one year of application.

After much thought and research, we eventually decided the best way to handle this was too completely strip, brighten and re-stained the entire house using a water based Defy Extreme Cedar tone stain.

I could spend paragraphs and paragraphs detailing all of the steps we went through to get the well working and the house refinished this weekend.  However, I think the pictures tell the story better than any can thing I can write, so here they are.

We got the well pump running properly:

IMG_1086 (Large)

The Well Properly Wired (Unlike Three Weeks Ago)

It only took 35 minutes for the pump to fill our 550 gallon tank.

IMG_1085 (Large)

Water actually going into our water tank (1500 feet from the well)

We also re-did the piping at the well so all the pipes were underground and added a spigot so we could get water directly from the well, if needed.

IMG_1127 (Large)

We covered all of that with dirt and added some big logs so no one could accidentally drive over our new spigot.

IMG_1158 (Large)

We also added a spigot 100 feet downhill from the water tank.

IMG_1088 (Large)


The spigot allowed us to attach a 50 foot hose and use that to feed a pressure washer to help clean the house.

IMG_1097 (Large)

I’m having way too much fun here

Refinishing the house was a four step process.

  • First, we needed to apply a chemical stripper using hand sprayer (we used Restore-A-Deck).
  • Second, we needed to scrub all of the remaining mold and Penofin stain off the house.
  • Third, we needed to apply a chemical brightener to restore the PH level of the exterior cedar wood.
  • Fourth, after letting the house dry for 48 hours, we needed to apply our new Defy Extreme stain.
IMG_1063 (Large)

Sheila applying stripper to the outside with a hand sprayer

IMG_1066 (Large)

The goop that was coming off the house

IMG_1071 (Large)

Sheila working on the gable (I swear I actually did some of the work)

IMG_1094 (Large)

Starting to scrub off the remaining mold and old Penofin stain off the house

IMG_1132 (Large)

After stripping and brightening the wood

48 hours after stripping and brightening the wood, we were finally able to apply new stain.

IMG_1160 (Large)

Tiny House Looking Pretty Again

Before and After:





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1 Response to Well, Water & and a Refinished Tiny House

  1. Joan Freed says:

    Good job! I know how hard the stripping and refinishing process is!!,

    Joan Sent from my iPad @mac.com


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