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Well, Water & and a Refinished Tiny House

May 29, 2017 We just got back from an incredibly productive three day Memorial Day weekend at the property where we finally accomplished two major tasks.  First, we finally got our well all hooked up so we can not only … Continue reading

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More Heat and Less Mold

April 16, 2017 (Easter) Sheila and I had a pretty busy and productive weekend at the tiny house this weekend. In addition to lots of smaller projects, we also tackled two fairly large projects. The most important was trying to … Continue reading

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Cold Mold and Hot Rocks

March 5, 2017 Yesterday afternoon, we packed up the car and headed to our property for a quick Tiny House visit. We have been out of the country for the past two months and with all of the rain in … Continue reading

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Tiny Siding Epiphanies

Now that I’m pretty much done with my siding, I thought I would create quick list of all the things I learned whie installing it. Plan on about 100 hours to cut and install all of the siding and another … Continue reading

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Three Sides Done!

Saturday and Sunday, November 15-16, 2014 Who helped: Sheila Hang Ian What we did: We finished the siding! Well, we almost finished it. I still have a few more short boards to cut out underneath the front windows, but those … Continue reading

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Two Sides Done!

Saturday to Monday, November 1-3, 2014 Who helped this weekend: Sheila Andrew What we did this weekend: Cut, stained and installed more siding Installed a porch deck On Saturday, I continued to cut up siding boards for the left side … Continue reading

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More Siding: Rafter Tails and Notches

Wednesday, October 15, 2014 I played hooky from work today to finish cutting up all of the siding for the right side of the house. I had planned to go to work, but my spirit was telling me otherwise and … Continue reading

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