Wednesday, December 25, 2013 (Christmas Morning)

I have decided to start my blog.  Friends and family who know I am trying to construct a tiny house have been asking and encouraging me to keep a blog of the build process. Although I have been resisting that for a while, I think I’m finally ready.

Our first tiny house will be built to plans we purchased from the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. We have decided on the Elm 18 Overlook design partially because we like the design and partially because it is one of the easiest to build (no complex roof geometry). Once I figure out how to do it, I want to build a number of these tiny houses and put them on a beautiful piece of land somewhere where I can rent them out, sell them and/or form an eco-minded community around them. I am very excited by this idea and feel a strong calling to do this.  Of course, I have no construction, innkeeping or real estate experience whatsoever. But those are minor details, right? I’m trying to have faith that everything I need to make this happen will be given to me when the time is right.  I feel a little bit like Noah: being asked to build something crazy that is going to have some purpose in the future that I don’t fully understand yet.

If you want to read more about our tiny house, simply check out the home page to see where we’re at right now or check out the categories on the right to find out about specific parts of the build process.

Note: those looking for my Conversations with God and Jesus can now find them on my other blog: Conversations with the Universe.

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