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Spring at the Tiny House

May 1, 2017: I promise I will get back to my story about the well and the water tank at our property. However, I have to take a break today from our regularly scheduled blog to talk about spring at … Continue reading

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When Following the Plans Goes Wrong

For a long time, I’ve been putting off writing about the Tumbleweed plans I purchased because I really didn’t want to throw Tumbleweed under the bus. Even now, I feel a little bit bad writing this. However, I feel it … Continue reading

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Fingers, Friends and a new Front Door

April 13, 2015 Fingers, friendship and front doors. That was the order of importance yesterday and I’m happy to report that success on all three fronts. No digits were lost, I got to spend the whole day with a new … Continue reading

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Building a Front Door

Instructions for building a front door. If you want to build your own door, the first thing I will recommend is that you obtain some time at a nice woodworking shop. I really don’t think I could have completed my … Continue reading

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